How to Contact Your Legislator

Two ways to contact your State legislators to voice concerns, opposition or support of Bills: If you follow the following steps on-line, it makes it easy to send an email to all 3 of the state legislators from your district in about 5 minutes.


1. Go to :

2. Click 'Find your Legislator' on the left hand side

3. On the tab 'find your district', type in your address information

4. Click on any of the legislators listed (this will bring you to their web page)

5. Click the word 'e-mail' (just to the right of their picture)

6. Type in your address again

7. Fill in the blanks on this page and be sure to check off the following:
a. To receive a a response, please check..........................
b. Check here if you wish to send a copy to.........................
(This will send the same email to your district Senator and both of your representatives, and it will make sure that you receive a response from your legislator.)

8. cut and paste one of the form letters that ABATE provided, or put in wording of your own.


Toll free number in Olympia to voice your concerns about a bill: