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ABATE is a not for profit organization dedicated to the Freedom of Choice.

Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting freedom of the road, whether you ride a motorcycle or not.

Ensure your freedom by fighting anti-bike legislation, and promoting fair motorcycle legislation.

ABATE does not advocate that you ride without a helmet when the law is repealed, only that you have the right to decide. 


Help be a voice for the motorcyclist. Find out how to join!

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Testify Remotely For 2022 Bills

•  Log on to https://leg.wa.gov
•  Click on (from right-hand column) Participating in the Process
•  Under Participating in a Committee Hearing, Click on the box marked Register to Testify Remotely During a Hearing
•  Choose either House, Senate, or Joint (our Bills are currently in the House)
•  The Page for Committee Sign in Will Appear
•  Click on Transportation under the Committee option
•  Click on 2/4/2021 under the Meeting option
•  Select HB 1254 Right Hand Shoulder Riding for Motorcycles

Options will appear so you may either testify, submit a written testimony (be brief and succinct), or to mark a vote in favor of this Bill.
•  Step by step instructions are included on this page

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Your legislators work for you. Don't be afraid to contact them. They are your representation in the government. Exercise your right to petition the government. Find out who your legislators are. Search by your address!

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